Health & Safety

At L'Academy, the health and safety of our families and our teachers are our top priority. We have implemented a number of safety procedures at our centers to reflect industry best practices in response to COVID-19.

Enhanced Hygiene Protocols

L'Academy Preschools take pride in maintaining the highest level of hygiene and disinfection standards. We have researched industry best practices, government requirements, as well as CDC guidelines to keep our families safe. These best practice documents are regularly updated and shared across all locations for staff training. Some of the

- Frequent cleaning and sanitizing of toys and classroom surfaces.
- Increased hand washing frequency for both children and staff.
- Disinfecting children's toilet after each use.
- Record keeping of mid-day and end-of-day cleaning and disinfecting task logs.

New Operating Procedures

We work closely with our community to stay safe and healthy. We have implemented operating procedures including:
- Touchless pick-up and drop-off;
- Daily health checks;
- Maintaining consistent learning groups within each classroom;
- Utilizing social-distance-friendly teaching tools;
- Requirements for all adults to wear masks and gloves;
- Use of disposables for snacks and lunch, etc.

Visitor Policy

Visitors, including families dropping off and picking up, will be limited to the lobby. Nonessential visitors are allowed in the lobby and classrooms without any children present while adhering to all adult PPE requirements including shoe coverings.