1550 Oak View Ave, Kensington, CA 94706

About Kensington/Berkeley

Open Date: August 1st, 2021 after acquisition of Claremont Day Nurseries

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L’Academy Preschools is where we uncover children’s cognitive potential through language immersion. Our ultimate goal is to develop each child mindfully with love and compassion through a language-rich curriculum!

Come and see our classrooms, meet the site staff and get all of your questions answered. Children are welcome!

Center offers Spanish or Mandarin immersion.

Director Name: Padma Alamuru

License: 073408904

Closures for Holidays & Teacher In-Service Days:

●  2 Teacher in Service Days

●  Labor Day

●  Indigenous Peoples Day

●  Veterans Day

●  Thanksgiving Day

●  Day after Thanksgiving

●  Winter Break (From Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day)

●  Martin Luther King Jr. Day

●  President’s Day

●  Memorial Day

●  Junteenth Day

●  Independence Day

●  2 Parent Teacher Conference Days

If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the holiday will be observed the Friday before or the Monday after. Please refer to the school calendar for specific closure dates. Note that tuition will be due in full every month irrespective of school closures or holidays.

*We are making an exception for tuition payments during COVID-19 related closures. All tuition already paid for the period of school closure due to COVID-19 will be credited towards future tuition payments.

Programs offered

Toddler Program
Preschool Program

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday | 7:30am-5:30pm


18m - 6 years old, Spanish and Mandarin Immersion

1550 Oak View Ave, Kensington, CA 94706


Meet our Staff

Director : Rose Griffin

Rose is a Bay Area native, born and raised in Oakland CA. She has worked and studied in the field of early childhood education for over 20 years. Starting as an infant and toddler teacher for many years, working as a director of centers for 12 years, and as a quality improvement evaluator/ trainer for educational non-profits across the Bay.  Rose received her Bachelors in Human Development form Cal State East Bay and is a certified PITC(program for infant toddler care) trainer through West ED/California Department of Education. Rose has a deep passion for and is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach to education and values emergent, projects based, Anti-Bias education for young children.

When not at work, Rose enjoys spending time with her 3 children, cooking, gardening and exploring the Northern California Coast. Rose is an avid runner and loves to take advantage of the beautiful trails the Bay Area has to offer.

Teacher : Michelle

Ms. Michelle was born and raised in Berkeley, CA and received her Associates Degree in ECE from Contra Costa College. She has been working with children since 2002 and  absolutely loves it! It has been her life's passion to care for young children and watch them flourish. Teacher Michelle always aims to have compassionate and professional relationships and dialogues with our children and families. Ms. Michelle has been a member of the NAEYC (NationalAssociation and Education of Young Children) since 2012. She is an advocate for the social and emotional development of the young child, to teach children empathy and how to problem solve.

In her spare time, Ms. Michelle enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and fiancé.

Spanish Teacher : Tatiana

Ms. Tatiana was born in El Salvador. Her very first job after arriving in the US was working at a family childcare 12 years ago.  She has been working with children ranging from 6 weeks to 4 years ever since.  Ms. Tatiana completed her child development studies at City College of San Francisco. Ms. Tatiana seizes every opportunities to teach children to help each other and be kind and respectful, through playing and exploring.

Mandarin Teacher : Priscilla Sun

Ms. Priscilla has been teaching preschool and elementary school children Mandarin for over 5 years. Prior to joining L'Academy, Ms. Priscilla worked for Alameda Education Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides language and enrichment programs for Alameda Unified School District.  Ms. Priscilla found her passion for education through teaching Mandarin to young children and is always amazed by how quickly they learn no matter where their starting point is. With her loving and compassionate personality, Ms. Priscilla is excited to see every child becoming fluent in Mandarin. Ms. Pricilla believes that learning never stops -- she is committed to learning and developing herself by taking many more ECE courses.

Teacher : Maricruz

Ms. Maricruz was born in Nayarit, Mexico. As a mother of two young children, Ms. Maricruz feels her calling in life is being a "mother" to all young children. Early learning experiences are crucial factors for cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. Ms. Maricruz fully embraces L'Academy's whole-child curriculum and wants to inspire children to learn about themselves and the world around them. Her best moments in life are seeing the face of a child when they have mastered a new skill or conquered a new challenge.  Ms. Maricruz gives our children her full dedication and commitment.

Ms. Maricruz has a 5 year old son and a 15 month old daughter. She spends the majority of her free time with her children, either at home or at the park. Then when she gets a little "me" time, she is either at a spa or at the gym!