Mission statement

Uncover children’s cognitive potential through language immersion.

Why us

Research has shown that exposure to a second language early in life is one of the best tools for cognitive development. Here at L’Academy, we take on a holistic approach to teaching a second language through Meaningful Activities. We believe a child should play! Our curriculum is focused on developing the whole child in a fun and loving way. On a daily basis, our children practice their social and communication skills. Through out our curriculum of meaningful activities, our children are shown pathways to become confident, creative, expressive, and compassionate citizens of the world.


Our language immersion programming is intertwined in the daily curriculum. Prior exposure to a second language is not necessary to enroll in our program. Mandarin immersion is currently offered at most locations. We also plan to offer French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, and Russian immersion in the future! Language tracks may vary at each location. Please indicate your 1st and 2nd choices when leaving us a message.


Civility is the common thread in all we do. Our staff and students embrace diversity and the intrinsic goodness of all children. Learning a second language is also a great way to gain cultural awareness. Our ultimate goal is to develop each child mindfully with love and compassion which will ultimately make them successful citizens of society.

Little leaders

Our playful project-based curriculum leverages STEM, creative arts, music and performance arts to inspire curiosity and creativity.
Our children put on shows 2-3 times per year for their parents and grandparents. These group performances help build confidence and stage presence early on. While these skills are much harder to train and retain later on in life, they are much more intuitive for young children to grasp. We envision our children to be successful public speakers in front of thousands when they grow up.

Luscious meals

Included in the overall cost of care, we provide a hot lunch and morning and afternoon snack each day. We aim to use organic ingredients whenever possible. We do not use nuts.