Health & Safety


Health & Safety

What Our Families Say About L'Academy

Really strongly recommend L'Academy. We started with them in June, with the overall re-opening plan post-COVID.
I've been impressed by their safety, their attention to detail and their care for our child. Our son, like a lot of kids, has had issues with transitioning to pre-school, and the director, Ms. Christina, and the teachers have done an amazing job of making sure he had activities first thing and feeling welcome. We were nervous initially at getting back into a care environment post-COVID. They've done a great job of making sure that everyone's safe, with a touchless drop-off and temperature checks for everyone.
Our son has been loving school, and every day he comes home on fire with excitement for colors and shapes in both languages.

Tim S. San Francisco, CA

Our child was due to start at LAHV exactly as the the city had to close due to COVID. Unfortunately, we didn't get to start until a couple of months later. Communication with staff was our number 1 priority, and we have been massively reassured by Miss Christina, Miss Florence, Miss Ariana, and the rest of the staff as we've undertaken this relationship. Our child has had their ups and downs with starting preschool, but the school has been so supportive as we all try to muddle through together. I am 100% satisfied that my child is getting to do activities that are appropriate, fun, and educational for them. I especially appreciate the updates through the day via the app, as it gives us a way to ask our child about their activities that day. The app also lets us do touchless sign-ins and update our info with the school, put people on the "nono" list (for picking kiddo up), see our financials with them, and see a timeline of what kiddo's been doing since starting there. The school has a well-developed COVID plan and that has been communicated thoroughly with the chance for questions every step of the way. It's a scary time to be starting this journey, but we're really excited to continue our child's education, get them social time with their peers in a safe environment, and also get time to accomplish our workday responsibilities. (This last point was taken for granted with childcare pre-COVID. Never again.) In closing, we've had a great experience so far, even with some attachment issues and the general issues going on in the world right now.

Kate San Francisco, CA

Enhanced COVID Protocols

L'Academy Preschools take pride in maintaining the highest level of hygiene and disinfection standards. We have researched industry best practices, government requirements, as well as CDC guidelines to keep our families safe. These best practice documents are regularly updated and shared across all locations for staff training. Some of the

- Frequent cleaning and sanitizing of toys and classroom surfaces.
- Increased hand washing frequency for both children and staff.
- Disinfecting children's toilet after each use.
- Record keeping of mid-day and end-of-day cleaning and disinfecting task logs.
- We require masks for all staff and children at all times while in premises.

New Operating Procedures

We keep an open dialogue and line of communication with our families to stay safe and healthy. We have implemented a long list of preventative operating procedures including:
- Touchless pick-up and drop-off;
- Daily health checks for children and staff;
- Maintaining consistent learning groups within each classroom;
- Utilizing social-distance-friendly teaching tools;
- Requirements for all adults to wear masks and gloves;
- Use of disposables for snacks and lunch, etc.
- We now have free weekly COVID testing for all staff and children at most locations !!!

Visitor Policy

Visitors, including families dropping off and picking up, will be limited to the lobby. Nonessential visitors are allowed in the empty classrooms and hallways while adhering to all adult PPE requirements including shoe coverings.

Social Emotional Support

In this pandemic environment, more than ever before, our children need social emotional support. Our loving teachers, while recognizing current safety precautions, have designed lesson plans and daily activities to emphasize this social emotional aspect of our whole-child development curriculum. We are here to support you and your children one child and one family at a time.