Sacramento Midtown Preschool Infant-Toddler-Kindergarten

1625 22nd St, Sacramento, CA 95816

About Sacramento Midtown Preschool Infant-Toddler-Kindergarten

L’Academy Preschool at Sacramento Midtown offers infant day care as well as preschool for toddlers to kindergarten age children.

Click the “Subscribe & Tour” button and our Center Director will reach out to you to schedule a tour. A tour is required for enrollment. Come and find out how L'Academy uncovers children’s cognitive potential through Mandarin and Spanish immersion.

Our ultimate goal is to develop each child mindfully with love and compassion through a language-rich curriculum! Come and see our classrooms, meet the site staff and get all of your questions answered. Children are welcome!

Center offers Mandarin or Spanish Immersion.

Director Name: Laurie Martins

Licence Numbers: #343624127, #343624125

Please refer to Parent Handbook for the school calendar and specific closure dates.

Programs offered

Infant Program (Whole Child Development)
Toddler Program (Social and Emotional Whole Child Development)
Preschool Program (Social and Emotional Whole Child Development)

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday | 7:30am - 5:30pm


5m - 6 Years, Mandarin or Spanish Immersion

1625 22nd St, Sacramento, CA 95816


Meet our Staff

Director : Yvette

Ms. Yvette is a passionate Preschool Director with 10+ years’ experience in Early Childhood Education. She is also well versed in Title 22 California’s Codes and Regulations to maintain and run a successful child care center.  Ms. Yvette is confident that she will be able to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all children and  staff, keep up the quality of L'Academy's program, and most importantly, keep the communication channel open with all of our parents.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact her!

Teacher : Yaya

Ms. Yaya was born and raised in Shanghai. Ms. Yaya graduated with a degree of Early Childhood Development from Shanghai Normal University. After coming to the U.S., Ms. Yaya continued to pursue her ECE study and successfully earned all the units needed from Theoria Technical College to take on the Assistant Director and Head Teacher role here at L'Academy. Ms. Yaya is very passionate about teaching and positive influence on every child. During her free time, Ms. Yaya likes spending time with her family and reading with her two children. She looks forward to meeting and working with our families to create bright futures for our children.

Teacher : Ann Zhu

Ms. Ann studied accounting at American River College. During that time, she discovered the early childhood education program and realized her love for working with children. So she started taking early childhood education classes. She has been studying courses at the university for almost four years.

Ms. Ann's favorite activity is teaching children by playing fun games and interacting with them. She thinks playing with kids helps them become more social. Ms. Ann is a strong believer in improving lives through education. She hopes to be able to transform young children into caring and capable adults.

In her free time, Ms. Ann enjoys talking with her son, as well as cooking and baking. She especially enjoys hanging out and watching movies with her family.

Teacher : Ms KK

Before immigrating to the United States in 2015, Ms KK was engaged in art training and education in China: pottery, sketching, and children's handicrafts. She is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese.  Ms KK is very happy to be at L'Academy and looking forward to meeting all the little ones who will join her classroom. Ms KK is currently taking 12 units at Theoria Technical College. She has a cheerful and gentle personality. Ms KK considers herself to be highly adaptable to new and challenging situations. Children are drawn to her right away because of her loving approach. Ms KK believes that learning is something that has propelled her life and wants to help every child to do the same.

In her spare time, Ms KK loves reading books to learn something new. In addition, she also enjoys bike riding and playing badminton with her son which are their favorite sports.

Teacher: Amy Yuanhong

Ms Amy grew up in China. Currently she is studying Early Childhood Education at Sacramento City College. As a mother, she loves to spend time with children and watch them grow. Working with children reminds her of how amazing and exciting the world can be. Ms Amy enjoys seeing things from our children's eyes because it makes us happier and more positive in our day-to-day lives. Also children inspire us to use our imagination and find creative ways to do things. Ms Amy loves to be the witness of so many wonderful “firsts”!

Outside of the classroom and work, Ms Amy likes to stay in shape with activities such as rock climbing, swimming, and jogging. Ms Amy is a very healthy eater and loves vegetables and fruits. She also enjoys reading books with her 9-year-old daughter before bed. Her favorite colors are white, black, and blue.