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There are no specific language skills required for enrollment.

L’Academy complies with all relevant laws with respect to vaccination requirements. In the State of California, all children are required to be immunized in order to be enrolled in school. 'No shots, no school'.

Families are responsible to pay the child’s full tuition in the case of absences due to exemptions or incomplete vaccination schedules, including cases in which L’Academy requires a child to remain at home. For further details, see the relevant section of the L’Academy Parent Handbook.

Upon enrolling your child, and regularly as required by local laws, you will need to provide us with up-to-date immunization information for your child. What immunizations are required, and what forms need to be completed varies by state; your local L’Academy school office can provide you with the relevant information from each school’s parent handbook, as well as the relevant enrollment forms.

California. After the passage of SB277, which went into effect in 2016, all children attending school must be fully vaccinated, unless a medical exemption form has been completed.