Preschool Program


There is no language requirement for enrollment. Our classrooms are composed of children mostly ages 3 to 5. Second language capabilities also range from native speakers to those who only speak English at home.

Our preschool program combines children 3 through 5-year age range in a single classroom to allow for a special social learning. The older children can lead by taking charge and caring for the younger ones. And the younger children in the class are motivated and inspired by the big kids. Mixed-age classroom is a smaller version of the real world. The diversity of physical, emotional, and cognitive levels will give everybody a chance to shine. Children in this setting will learn so many important lessons that will carry into the rest of their lives.

The size of the classroom will allow for a set up with different curriculum centers: math, reading, science, art, music… just to name a few. These centers are updated by our experienced teachers with different content materials within our curriculum throughout the school year. At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping your little one interested and engaged. Our large classroom, with a variety of curriculum centers, allows children the freedom to choose and explore their areas of interest.

  • Languages and literacy
    Most of our centers offer Mandarin immersion. We are in the process of developing French, Russian, Spanish and other curriculums based on market demand.
    In the preschool program, our proprietary curriculum focuses on both English and Mandarin literacy in parallel.
  • Social and emotional development
    The environment and daily interactions are the basis for early life-lessons.
  • Cognitive development
    Second language is one of the best cognitive development tools especially for young children. When exposed to a second language, children must grapple with phonics, vocabulary and sentence structures. The process of imitating and application is more intuitive for young children because this is the perfect age for repetition and the lack of fear to say the wrong words.
    You can visit our "Resources" page for more information on exposure to a second language.
  • Physical development and wellness
  • Creative expression