2-Years Program


We start enrollment when children reach 2-years of age. Our 2-years program aims to establish and maintain a comfortable, yet flexible routine.

We provide potty training when your child is ready.

  • Social and emotional development
    The school environment and daily interactions are the basis for early life-lessons.
  • Cognitive development
    Second language is one of the best cognitive development tools especially for young children. When exposed to a second language, children must grapple with phonics, vocabulary and sentence structures. The process of imitating and application is more intuitive for young children because the lack of fear to say the wrong words and a natural affinity to repetition.
    You can visit our "Resources" page for more information on exposure to a second language.

  • Physical development and wellness
  • Creative expression
  • Languages and literacy
    Each center may provide different language immersion programs based on local demand. Some of the languages may be offered are Mandarin, French, Russian, Spanish. Please contact the location of interest to learn more about which specific language immersion program is offered.