Benefits of Language Immersion Program


“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things”. - Flora Lewis

There have been some concerns in the past that learning a second language causes confusion, language delay, and cognitive deficit. In fact, according to many studies, bilingual children can maintain attention despite outside stimuli better than their monolingual peers. The most effective way to learn a second language is to put the young children in situations where the second language surrounds them. That is why many people believe that language immersion is the single most effective method for learning and teaching a new language. Here are some of the reasons why learning a language puts your child at a significant advantage:

  • It promotes cognitive advancement. Bilingual children compared to their monolingual peers, have better problem-solving and critical thinking skills, display more creativity, they have improved memory and better multi-tasking abilities.
  • It nurtures their curiosity, cultural sensitivity, empathy, and tolerance. Children who are exposed early to other languages display more positive attitudes towards different cultures.
  • It strengthens neural pathways. Any sort of workout ultimately helps to expand a certain muscle group, learning a second language is like an intense workout for the child’s brain.
  • As adults, they will have employment advantages by knowing a second language. Speaking one or more foreign languages will help broaden your child’s career opportunities.
  • Health benefits of learning a foreign language. Due to a different part of the brain that is being activated and stimulated while learning a foreign language, children develop better listening skills and memory retention.

Language Immersion Preschools can provide wonderful and lasting benefits to your child. Choosing a second language is an entirely personal choice. Parents might have different reasons for sending their children to a language immersion school. Some of them may select a language for cultural reasons, practical reasons, or simply because they happen to like another language. All reasons are valid. At L'Academy we are very proud to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to effortlessly master a second language and enjoy the benefits of early bilingualism.

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