Benefits of Water Play


Water play comes in many forms, while taking a bath, playing at the water table, the pool or simply while splashing in puddles. It can be done solo or with friends. It can be done indoors or outdoors. Summer is practically here and your kids are undoubtedly going to get wet. Don't avoid water play because it can get messy or it needs some planning ahead. Remember how much fun you had when you were a child and don't forget that water play is not just fun, but it also has many important development benefits. The following tips will make activities involving water play safe, fun, and easy to manage. If weather permits, always wear a swimsuit, don't forget to apply sunscreen and have a complete change of clothes on hand. Also, don’t forget to remind your child to drink water, provide some water play toys, be ready to get wet and have some memorable moments with your child. Here are some of the key benefits of engaging in water play:

  • Development of the fine and gross motor skills. Children develop their small hand muscles when they squeeze bottles, liquid droppers, sponges or when they scoop, pour, stir and scrub. They also refine hand-eye coordination skills with these tasks. Children use their large muscles when paddling in pools, running through sprinklers or splashing in puddles.
  • Development of cognitive skills. Water play is an open-ended activity, which allows children to make discoveries and explore outcomes.
  • Social and Emotional Development. Water play can be a great opportunity for children to go from playing alongside each other to playing cooperatively in teams.
  • Language Development. While engaging in water play, children make comments, ask questions, problem solve, explain why things happened or predict what will happen.
  • Water Play stimulates creativity and imagination. Water encourages children to try out new ideas and solutions to problems in a safe environment and use their imagination.

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