Building Parent Teacher Relationship


Both parents and teachers play a pivotal role in educating a child. In situation where parents and teachers communicate effectively everyone benefits. Parents benefit from being involved in their children’s education by getting ideas from school on how to help and support their children, and by learning more about the school’s academic program and how it works. Studies show that for children whose parents become involved have increased motivation for learning, improved behavior, and a positive attitude towards attending school. On the other hand teachers who have more contact with parents, can learn more about child's needs and home environment, which is information they can apply toward better meeting student's needs.

At L'academy we recognize that parents are the ones who know their child the best. We value all cultures, values and choices. We listen with our open mind and hearts. When trust between a parent and a teacher is established, finding a solution becomes easy. When relationship is strong and build on trust having a tough conversation becomes easier. They communicate without fear because both sides work towards the unique goal, to support the child in overcoming challenges, and becoming confident, creative, expressive, and compassionate citizen of the world.

Here you can find more on how to build a positive parent-teacher relationship.

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