Fun Things to Do With Your Kids on a Rainy Day


Here is our list of favorite inside kids activities as a starting point. Get inspired as you go through our list of suggestions, you might come up with some great activity that best suits your child and your family. As we put this list together, we tried to round up indoor activities for every type of kid.

  • Bake and Decorate - Indoor days are the perfect time to try and get creative in the kitchen
  • Bring the Outdoors In - Use blankets and pillows or pop-up tents, you can have the camping experience without being outside
  • Do a Science Experiment - Visit our YouTube page for some great ideas
  • Read a Book - Snuggle up on the couch and read a book
  • Write a Letter - Write a letter to your loved one, encourage your children draw something on the postcard
  • Have a Movie Marathon
  • Have a Tea or a Dance Party
  • Bring out the Board Games
  • Make Jewelry - Fancy beads or pasta shells— it's up to you
  • Do Yoga together

Click here for more indoor activities.

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