Milestone Moments


From the first roll, independent sitting to the very first step, each milestone tells you you're doing a great job and each of these little achievements is something worth celebrating.

We have to start with the understanding that all children develop differently. How your child learns, speaks, acts can offer important clues and help you to know if your child is meeting typical milestones. You can always turn to your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about your child's development. For some extra guidance the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), offers a Milestone Tracker App. With this app, you can track your child’s developmental progress by looking for important milestones using an interactive, illustrated checklist. This is a great tool to use so that you know how you can support your child's development, but try not to overwhelm yourself. We are not saying milestones shouldn't be monitored or acknowledged because there are times when not meeting them can require an intervention. We are simply saying that if you are not seeing results when you expect them to happen is probably because your child is still not ready and not because something is wrong.

One more thing! Don't just celebrate your child's big moments, you as parents have a lot to celebrate too. First time leaving your child at a daycare, the first vacation together, first good night sleep, first date night. Just as you cheer and applaud every new milestone your children make, it’s time you cheer and applaud for your own too.

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