The Power of Play


Free Play is a tool for developing a child as a whole. With all of the structured activities and busy schedules, some children are left without any real time to just play. There are many factors that have led to a decrease in free play time including a greater emphasis on academic preparation, more electronic screen time, and limited access to outdoor play spaces. When choosing childcare look for those that include unstructured playtime and playful learning, where children take the lead and follow their own curiosity. Experts say that free play is extremely important for a child's development because it:

  • Allows children to use their creativity and develop their imagination and other strengths
  • Encourages children to interact with and explore the world around them
  • Helps children adjust to school and enhance their learning readiness, learning behavior, and problem-solving skills
  • Helps children learn and practice self-regulation
  • Helps children build decision-making skills
  • Teaches children to work in groups so they learn to share and resolve conflict

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